I was trying to find the perfect song for this post, “Do the Whirlwind” seemed appropriate.

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon putting in applications and collecting more to fill out, because today will most likely be my last day of working at my current job. It’s bittersweet really, I’ve wanted to leave this job for quite a while. I really don’t like how the system works in a government job, it’s very bureaucratic. Plus I feel like spending 30 hours a week in the basement of an office building sucked all the creativity out of my soul.  However, I really enjoy a few of the people I work with and It’s going to be sad to have to leave them. Being in the place where laws are made is interesting and exciting some of the time.

It makes me second guess my decision to leave. Knowing that soon I’ll have to work on the weekends, have less hours, and no health benefits is nerve-wreaking. This is the path I’ve chosen and even though it will put me in an uncomfortable situation for a time, I know that once I get through it I’ll be stronger and most likely happier. I have wanted to change jobs for almost 10 months and I need to actually make the move. So here I go.

Here’s some early morning photos of my last day here:

Apologies for the webcam quality ;}