Well, this weekend was pretty wonderful. I was a little nostalgic about leaving/loosing my job on Friday, but that was long gone by Saturday morning.  Trey and I went garage saleing with our Superman Coin Bank full of change and spent most of it within 2 miles of our house. But you have to see what we found:

A huge blue metal trunk.

With it, a few books and an adorable photo album with tea cups on it. Also, a set of baby bottles and baby boy t-shirts for my friend’s shower.


My very first real tea pot! I’ve used it every day since buying it.

A white ceramic vase with a ribbon pattern on it.

The next stop was a moving sale and it was inside the people’s house, which was very dark inside. I picked up an old Polaroid camera up and three women came rushing towards me muttering that it had already been sold (OH-kay, no need to panic ladies). =}

What we did find was pure gold (figuratively):

How often do you run across a Spongebob Squarepants keyboard in mint condition. I simply had to have it.

You’d better believe that I’ll be blogging from this beaut from now on.

Also we found a DVD copy of Aladdin for 5 bucks! Trey keeps a close watch on the amazon prices of all the Disney movies on DVD and this was well below the going rate.

On Sunday, we were heading to the Mexican food place to meet some friends after church and this huge yard sale caught my eye. Found a nice pairs of riding boots for my Mom and a “Dooney & Burke” purse:

I should have known right away that it was a fake. It wasn’t even a “good” fake the emblem was sewn right on in yellow thread.  However, I was rushed and excited to find anything valuable in the pile of purses. Still, it was definitely worth the dollar-fifty I paid for it since It’s leather and in good condition.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day turning in applications and I went to two interviews. I think they went really well so I’m praying I’ll get a call back. There’s only one week left in my school semester, I’m so ready for the break.

I’ll be back tomorrow for Whimsical Wednesday, I think the theme will be “Tea Time”.

Goodnight All!