Back to reality.

Well my weekend was pretty productive, I finally finished my inspiration board for the Indie Biz class (only three months late too).

I found this amazing hot air balloon fabric on sale at Wal-mart and decided it would be perfect for the board; since hot air balloons are one of my favorite things. In my imagination I think of the balloons floating above everything, ignoring the cares of the world and passing peacefully through the clouds. This may also be the stem of my obsession with the Pegasus, just add in some incredible strength and majesty.

Anyways, I cut out the individual balloons and quilted them. I haven’t quilted or sewed anything by hand in years, It was relaxing. Trey has been under the weather so on Saturday we sat on the porch, me sewing and him reading, while Clark Kat pounced on the bugs in the grass. I do realize that we sound like a 80 year old couple, but it’s things like that which make me feel right. If we happen to be doing the same thing 60 years for now, I’ll count myself blessed.

I was also able to catch up on a lot of the lessons from Indie Biz and I’m much further along in the lessons than I am in the projects. Yesterday I took graduation pictures for a friend of mine from work, It was really fun besides the fact that we were dying of thirst halfway though and had  to search for a restaurant until we came across a Subway. There were some college kids having a hula-hooping contest across the street (random); we were able to watch the hoopers filter in and out of subway for more cold refreshments.  The point being,  the rest of the week I’ll be trying to select and edit her photos. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do more portraits this summer, not only for the exposure but also for the practice.

I’ll leave you with a few close ups of the inspiration board:

Au revoir,



Take pictures of him in children’s photo op spots. I. cannot. control. myself. ;}

The Desert Botanical Gardens 2009

Disneyland June 2009

Reid Park Zoo April 2009

World Wildlife Zoo January 2009

There are SO many more but these are just ones I’ve found. I think Trey secretly loves doing these things for me and they make my life just a million times brighter!

Have a good weekend! TGIF

Well after making it to math class late this morning (for the umpteenth time) and then forgetting my Business Law class paper on my desk after printing it, I thought for sure this day was going to be rushed and hectic. However it was surprisingly wonderful. My Econ professor explained in how the Great Depression happened and exactly what economically caused this recession too (spoiler alert! it was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank). That wasn’t the wonderful part of the day, that was just interesting. Then, I messed around with my website design on Dreamweaver in Computer class.
This is where it starts getting good:

I met Harmony in my most favorite part of the valley! First we got orange flavored Italian sodas. THen we went to this adorable clothing and accessory co-op and she bought me an umbrella purse =] which was apparently a belated wedding present. I love it!

I bought a few new hair bows too, one has Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas on it.
We browsed a few antique stores picked up a clutch and scarf,

hit up Saint Vinny’s (skirt, pillow and an awesome print fabric)

and then went to THEE best chocolate factory in Arizona. I thought I had lost my sweet tooth: I was wrong. I’m talking pecan praline, green mint chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter yummies (my name for them) and numerous over-calorie-loaded deliciousness.

Around nightfall we met Trey back at home and ate Peter Piper Pizza while watching Seinfeld and The Office. Finishing off the night with a round of The Office board game.

All I really have to say is: “Harry Potter cookie jar?”

What I mean is:
“Harmony, you aren’t allowed to return home to Colorado!”

~Goodnight All~

So for today’s post ( and to count for the last two days) I’ve decided to do something I’ll call Whimsical Wednesday. The name may or may not be changed depending on how corny I think it is tomorrow. For today, it’s still Whimsical Wednesday.


World travel via hot air balloon:


Mint Green Kitchens:


Romance in Black & White:


My green eyed black cat:

Who is never bad luck, but possibly has a tinge of evil in him. ;}

A Basset Hound named, Jasper:

He might as well be our first born son.

And last but certainly not least, This Guy:

My husband, the only thing that matters when nothing else does.




All and all I got most of necessary things done.

Econ quizzes and exam. Check

Baby shower invites printed and mailed. Check

Youth Pastor met. Check

Photos edited. Check

Both of the best friends were unable to meet up with us so that freed up some time. I did not, however, get the drapes done.

There’s always tomorrow.

I did get some extras done though, I made this owl necklace for my outfit for church tomorrow, I really love it.

I didn’t silversmith the owl (obviously) But I did fashion the chain and attach the feathers. If any of you are interested in this or any other products I post in the future, let me know! Constructive criticism is appreciated as well.

Also I helped Trey clean the house (bless him) and he organized our closet.

All in all, another productive and wonderful Saturday.

Goodnight world,


Usually on the weekend I’m relaxed and can hopefully work on my Sincerely Rae projects but this has got to be the most crazy Saturday of this whole year:

A new youth pastor is being interviewed at our church so we’re having  lunch with him and we’re supposed to have a meeting before that too.

One of my best friends, Shae, came into town from California and I haven’t seen her in 4 or 5 months ( I miss her SO much)

My husband’s best friend, Harmony flew in from Colorado and we’ve been planning to hang out today for weeks.

I have several assignments due in Macro Economics which I haven’t exactly studied for.

I’m printing, addressing, and mailing invitations for a friend’s baby shower next week (needs to be mailed by noon).

I need to edit and email photos to people by the sunday.

Lastly, ( and sadly, least importantly) the new drapes for my living room have been laying on my ironing board all week to be hemmed.

This is what I get for being the world best procrastinator. The good news is that most of the things I need to do are fun and involve seeing friends, with the exception of econ.  I should have pictures of my visitors and I by tomorrow but for now, here’s one of Trey and I around this time last year:

This is the newly created Sincerely, Rae Blog! If you’ve reached this location, congratulations!

But seriously: Thank you for stopping by. I expect this blog to be under construction for the next few months. If you’d like to check out my photography click here. I’ll add a link to my shop as soon as there are lovely goodies to buy from it.

Keep checking back as I’ll be updating frequently (as frequent as I can be).